Tallinn – a quick walk

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We’ve just came back from a day trip to Estonia. Though officially it was supposed to be a work trip, we’ve spend a great afternoon in lovely Tallinn. You see I hold the nationality of one of the very few countries in Europe that are still “privileged” to need a visa for short term visits to the USA. Since the embassy in Finland is basically closed down for renovation, I was told to go somewhere else… You can imagine I was really pissed off, cause it is not only really troublesome to actually get a visa (tons of documents), but still to be forced to travel abroad to get it was a tad too much for me. Anyway, I decided to make the best of it and took Mr No Onion Please with me for a relaxing  Sunday in Estonia. I must say we had a great day that reminded us of how charming Tallinn is. We  definitely have to make another trip there in the summer! Here is a short compilation of some old pictures from Tallinn’s old town and soon I’ll blog a bit more about the goodies I bought 😉


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