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So it’s supposed to be spring, right? So I hear and see on various blogs enjoying the harvest of spring veggies and sunny weather. We had a great weather for last five days but today I woke up and instead of admiring bright, crispy sunlight I was shocked seeing rain and snow on the other side of the window. Fortunately its warm and it only rains right now, but it made me pretty scared as we plan to have picnic with friends on weekend. Well it’s not that easy here, thought its the end of April snow can still happen and I remember two or three years ago we had a snowstorm on the May Day. One just have to get used to. Anyway,  just over a week ago we were trying to enjoy our weekend in another city – Tampere. Hoped for great springtime weather, as several previous days were forecasting forthcoming spring. Unfortunately for us… it was snowing and bloody cold. Well not much to sight-see in such weather, we just went to a view tower and had a short walk in the city center, and as we were just heading the railway station the clouds disappeared … So much to talk about our luck. You can see on the pictures that the lake was still covered with ice and in some points you may spot the marks of cars  and snowmobiles that were driving there in the winter. The ice always stays pretty long on the lakes but once it starts to melt, it disappears in a glance. I can bet that right now there is no trace of it there.

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