Spinach, parsnip and celeriac soup

I don’t really like spinach soups. But soups WITH spinach, that’s a completely different story, right? One of the things that I love about winter is the abundance of root vegetables. I couldn’t live without those underestimated ugly brutes. Sure you can buy them all year round, but right now they are still in season, so let’s enjoy them as much as we can!  I felt like having some really simple soup that would nicely complement delicate nutty sweetness of my favorite roots – parsnip and celeriac. No extra spices, just basics, sometimes basic things are best. In my fridge I still had a huge bag of spinach that I usually use for salads, but the bag was too big, I mean I can’t eat salad with spinach for whole week. So I decided to blend it in as well. And here it is, extra simple, delicate and smooth spinach, parsnip and celeriac soup. If you don’t have your home-made veggie broth and you don’t like the idea of using even organic one than you can simply substitute it with water + onion. That should do fine.


400g celeriac
1 big parsnip root
200g fresh spinach leaves
salt & pepper
1-1,2l vegetable broth
almond flakes, roasted

1. Cut celeriac and parsnip in cubes. Saute them for 3-4 min and add the broth. Bring to the boil, decrease the heat and simmer for 15 min.

2. Add spinach, boil till the veggies will be soft. Put salt and pepper to taste and blend it till smooth. Garnish with almond flakes


4 thoughts on “Spinach, parsnip and celeriac soup

  1. Oh, what a beautiful blog full of yummy recipes and great pictures you have! I so much love spinach soup, it’s my all time favourite. Love the almonds flakes in your recipe, brilliant idea indeed!

  2. Aha! great minds think alike 🙂 I just made a really good spinach soup recently, only mine has booze in it, instead of broth 🙂 Who needs broth if you have wine, I ask you? Anyway, is your plate sitting on ice? Is that a Finnish thing?

    • Haha, I guess in some cases the ice can be a Finnish thing for table decoration 😉 In my case (simply because my flat is terribly dark) I shoot all the pictures on the balcony 😀 And since sometimes the temperature is below -20C I don’t bother taking any table or chair with me 😀
      Wine in spinach soup sounds really interesting, have to visit your blog to check how it worked out 🙂

  3. it turns out that I was lying, there is broth in my spinach soup 😦 i must have blocked it out when i made up my soup made of cream and wine.

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