How to slow roast lamb plus a quick Mediterranean leftover salad

Mediterranean flavours inspired salad with slow roasted lamb

I’ve just noticed that till now I’ve blogged either about sweets or about Asian inspired dishes. I admit, we love to use lots of spices as well as have combined sweet, sour and salty flavors together, just as it is done in that part of the world, but it doesn’t mean that we’re eating only like that 😉 So here, finally, is something more European. A slow roasted lamb and still a second recipe for Mediterranean salad with the roast leftovers.

We don’t eat lamb that often. Or actually by that I mean we don’t eat it at all. Usually, I order it when we go to a restaurant, but Mr No Onion Please firmly states that he dislikes this meat, cause it is bitter (has anyone ever heard that lamb has some bitter aftertaste?). I understand if he said “stinky”, cause I guess that’s the most often heard complaint, but BITTER? Well anyway, once I got the permission to finally buy some lamb I decided to slow roast it, as I hoped that it will mellow the whatever taste there is that makes Mr No Onion Please shudder. In his book “Jamie’s Kitchen”, Jamie Oliver describes how it should be done. I’ve just added some lemon to flavour it nicely and otherwise followed exactly his recipe.


2kg lamb meat for roast (leg or shoulder)

olive oil

salt & pepper

bunch of rosemary

bulb of garlic unpeeled, broken into cloves

lemon cut in wedges

1. Preheat your oven to the highest grade possible. Score the skin (beware not to disturb the meat), splash with olive oil and rub it with lots of salt and pepper.

2. Press the garlic cloves with knife so that they crush a bit. Place the meat on the roasting tray together with rosemary, garlic and lemon (place those around and on top of the meat).

3. Tightly cover the tray with tinfoil and place it in the oven. Immediately turn the oven down to 170C and cook for 4h.

Yup, simple as that, no fuss at all and of course slow roasting rewards you with delicious meat that melts in your mouth. And yeah, according to Mr No Onion Please there’s no bitterness anymore (if there ever was any 😉 ). Now, when you roast 2kg piece of meat, obviously there will be quite some leftovers. But that’s not a problem really cause I have here for you a truly refreshing salad recipe.

I must say, I’m really bad when it comes to salad recipes, as I basically just throw things together and I simply can’t give you any proper measures on how much of what you need. But hey, I bet most of you do it same way, so just toss the things together as you usually do and you’ll get a great Mediterranean flavours inspired lamb salad.


green stuff (oh how lovely descriptive is that 😉 ) – I used watercress since it’s in season

cucumber – sliced, then cut into sticks

2 red bell peppers, cut in half, deseeded, brushed with oil and baked till soft, skin removed, torned to smaller pieces

feta cheese, cubed

sun dried tomatoes, finely chopped

big bunch of mint, shredded

pieces of roast lamb

olive oil + a pinch of sweet paprika


4 thoughts on “How to slow roast lamb plus a quick Mediterranean leftover salad

  1. You put me in the mood to cook lamb now 🙂 and your salad reminded me of a very good lamb, couscous, mint and dried tomato salad I had in South Africa last year. Definitely making lamb this weekend.

  2. Happy to hear that 🙂 I’ll be waiting for your lamb post – I’ve got now agreement from Mr No Onion Please that every month or two we will have a lamb, so I’m now eager to see some now inspirations 🙂

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