Big THANK YOU note :)

I wanted to say thank you to someone VERY special – Mr’s No Onion Please niece, Pihla. Today I have received the most beautiful piece of art ever – a hand-made birthday postcard! Thank you so much Princess!!! It’s really beautiful! And you have used the prettiest stickers just for me!!! It’s so sweet it made me cry! KIITOS!!!

The truth is that my b-days were already over a month ago, but well…. I’m often changing the flats I’m living in and don’t really inform people about it. So the postcard was sent to my old address. I’m really amazed that it actually arrived at all! It required a lot of good will from many people indeed! First of all, the person who is living now in my previous apartment must have brought the letter back to the post office. Then some really nice person there has checked where I actually live nowadays and the letter was forwarded to my current address! Thank you all!!!But the biggest thanks and hugs are to you Princess for thinking about me and making me this beautiful postcard!


One thought on “Big THANK YOU note :)

  1. That was so sweet of Pihla sending you the loveliest post card specially made for you. It’s really good that they had so much effort to finally send this card to your new address. Thanks to them 🙂

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